Technology changes rapidly, and so does your technology business. From startup and expansion to exit strategy, your company’s needs constantly evolve. At Maxwell Locke & Ritter, our goal is to provide flexible and timely solutions to address your unique accounting and finance needs at each stage of your business lifecycle. Let us help you ensure your communication with investors, lenders, customers, and buyers is as advanced and reliable as the technology you develop.

Innovative Financial Services for the Technology Sector

Technology companies are typically at the forefront of innovation, often with a fast-paced development cycle. These companies are continually refining and updating their products and services to stay ahead of the competition and meet the ever-changing needs of the market. Aligned with this spirit of constant innovation, ML&R’s team of industry experts is fully equipped and eager to match your pace, offering dedicated support and insight on crucial business matters and ensuring your venture stays ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Accelerate Your Tech Venture with Expert Financial Guidance

ML&R’s experienced CPAs and advisors possess specialized expertise in managing the complex issues that technology companies face. Our collaborative approach offers a deeper level of service that goes beyond simple accounting for technology companies.

Complex Accounting and Financial Reporting:

Expertise in understanding and implementing ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, and accounting for and disclosing complex debt and equity financing transactions and share-based payments. Solid accounting and accurate financial statements are critical for technology businesses to obtain the financing or investment you need or to secure the exit you want.

Exit Strategy and M&A Advisory:

Offering guidance on efficient exit strategies, assistance with due diligence, and strategic advice to ensure your business is financially prepared for these transactions.

Navigating Multi-State Nexus:

Assistance with the financial implications of remote employees, multi-state tax compliance, and nexus issues.

R&D Tax Credits and Incentives:

Guidance on identifying and claiming R&D tax credits and other incentives, which can significantly reduce your company’s tax liability and further support innovation and growth.

SOX, SOC, and Controls Compliance:

Assistance with internal controls and enterprise risk management, including SOX readiness, compliance, and program optimization. Offering risk assurance and advisory services, including SOC examinations, which are critical for investor confidence and legal compliance.

Targeted Services for Technology Companies

Financial Statement Assurance & Advisory

Audit, other assurance, and advisory services provided by experienced CPAs with a focus on efficiency, providing a critical analysis of your operations, and strengthening your system of internal controls.

  • Assurance
    • Audit
    • Review
    • Examination
  • Advisory & Other
    • Agreed-Upon Procedures
    • Financial Statement Compilation
    • Financial Statement Preparation
    • GAAP Advisory, including Revenue Recognition under ASC 606
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Tax Compliance & Advisory

Tax advisory and compliance services aimed at maximizing available incentives and ensuring compliance with tax regulations specific to technology companies.

  • Federal, State, and Local Income Tax Advisory and Compliance
  • International Tax and Transfer Pricing
  • Income Tax Accounting and Reporting (ASC 740)
  • Section 382 Loss Limitations
  • Equity-based Compensation
  • Entity Classification and Structuring
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Risk Assurance & Advisory

Technology companies are facing stricter vendor requirements to reach their target customers. Our nimble team can accommodate the timing requirements that tech companies face when navigating their current sales environment. ML&R’s risk assurance & advisory services team helps you achieve a more secure IT environment to decrease the risk of costly data breaches.

  • Assurance
    • SOC Readiness
    • SOC 1, 2, & 3 Examinations
  • Advisory & Other
    • Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) Readiness & Compliance
    • SOX Program Optimization
    • HIPAA Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis
    • HITRUST Readiness & Ongoing Support
    • Internal Audit Outsourcing & Co-sourcing
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • ISO Readiness & Internal Audits
    • Internal Controls & IT Assessments
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Transaction Advisory

Our transaction advisory team has performed hundreds of quality of earnings (QoE) engagements for SaaS and other recurring revenue companies throughout the US, Canada, and EMEA. Our team serves private equity groups, lenders, family offices, and corporate entities on both buy-side and sell-side transactions.

  • Adjusted Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) & Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR) Analysis
  • Retention & Churn Analysis
  • QoE and Adjusted P&L Analysis
  • Proof of Cash Analysis
  • Net Working Capital & Debt Like Analysis
  • Sales Tax and Income Tax Analysis
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Maxwell Locke & Ritter: Empowering Tech Innovators

In the technology industry where innovation leads and market conditions shift rapidly, having a financial partner who understands your journey is essential. We don’t just offer accounting for technology companies; we offer a team of strategists, thinkers, and advisors committed to helping your business navigate the financial landscape with confidence. From startup to exit, ML&R’s experienced advisors are here to support you.