Consumer & Industrial Products

Consumer and industrial products businesses face unique issues, from complex inventory accounting to evolving consumer trends. At Maxwell Locke & Ritter, we understand these intricacies and offer a suite of specialized solutions to help your business thrive.

Navigating Financial Challenges in Dynamic Markets

Consumer and industrial product companies must navigate business interests ranging from raw materials and manufacturing to brand recognition and consumer loyalty. ML&R’s experienced team supports clients with the various marketplace challenges they face, providing excellent client service in the rapidly evolving retail and wholesale landscapes.

The team at ML&R is well-equipped to assist our clients with their accounting and compliance needs as they face industry issues such as supply chain disruptions, inflation, price sensitivity, and shifting consumer demand. Evaluating your company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices is critical for alignment with customer expectations. The ML&R team is prepared to guide clients through sustainability reporting, such as ESG.

Focused on Sustainable Growth and Expansion Strategies

ML&R helps consumer and industrial products companies of all sizes solve problems and implement strategies to conquer the many accounting, compliance, sustainability, and competitive struggles common in these industries. Our experienced, industry-focused teams provide solutions to address the specific needs of these consumer and industrial product sectors:

Retail and Consumer Products:

From apparel, food, and beverage to health, wellness, and beauty, ML&R’s seasoned retail and consumer products team works with retail and consumer products companies across a wide range of sectors to help mitigate risk, share industry best practices, and more. Let our team leverage our financial expertise and industry knowledge to help you address accounting and compliance issues specific to your industry. Our retail accounting services team specializes in the intricate aspects of revenue recognition, such as gift card breakage and sales return allowances, and accounting for loyalty programs, consumer incentives, and trade promotions.


Wholesale businesses operate in large-scale distribution, managing vast inventories and navigating multifaceted supplier and customer relationships. Our wholesale accounting services team is adept at the accounting and compliance considerations for large inventory management, supply chain operations, and effective cost control. ML&R’s team will provide you with financial insights that aid in the management of cash flow and scalability.


Manufacturing companies combine the process of creating products from raw materials with the intricacies of their own production process. ML&R’s specialized manufacturing accounting services team works with companies of all sizes to address the complex challenges associated with tracking finished products, accounting for overhead and production costs, and facing global supply chain disruption.

Targeted Services for Consumer & Industrial Products Companies

Financial Statement Assurance & Advisory

Audit, other assurance, and advisory services provided by experienced CPAs with a focus on efficiency, providing a critical analysis of your operations, and strengthening your system of internal controls.

  • Assurance
    • Audit
    • Review
    • Examination
  • Advisory & Other
    • Agreed-Upon Procedures
    • Financial Statement Compilation
    • Financial Statement Preparation
    • GAAP Advisory, including accounting for revenue, loyalty programs, consumer incentives, and trade promotions
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Tax Compliance & Advisory

Expert tax advisory and compliance services aimed at maximizing available incentives and ensuring compliance with tax regulations specific to consumer and industrial product companies.

  • Federal, State, and Local Income Tax Advisory and Compliance
  • International Tax and Transfer Pricing
  • Income Tax Accounting and Reporting (ASC 740)
  • Section 382 Loss Limitations
  • Equity-based Compensation
  • Entity Classification and Structuring
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Risk Assurance & Advisory

Customized risk management and regulatory compliance solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of your company, customers, and regulators.

  • Assurance
    • SOC Readiness
    • SOC 1, 2, & 3 Examinations
  • Advisory & Other
    • Internal Controls Assessment
    • IT Assessment
    • Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) Readiness & Compliance
    • SOX Program Optimization
    • ESG Internal Audit Services
    • Internal Audit Outsourcing & Co-sourcing
    • Enterprise Risk Management
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