Accounting for Business

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Builder’s risk insurance ensures that the insurance company will cover any equipment, materials, or property, damaged during construction, but there is a limit to this. For example, the loss must be clearly specified and included under what the insurance company considers to be “covered property”.

If you are selling your business, you may be eligible for an earnout provision. Read about earnout purchases and the related due diligence assessment.


Learning about nonprofit embezzlement cases empowers you to protect your organization from fraud. Visit us today for business accounting advice on embezzlement.

The laws for online sales tax have changed. Learn about how the shift impacts digital retail and the need it creates for professional business tax accounting.


Certain workplace culture characteristics consistently bring about higher financial performance.

Audits have become more important due to increased public and government scrutiny of not-for-profit organizations, their management and their boards.

In divorce situations, an ex-spouse may be legally obligated to make payments to the other party.


It takes years to build up a successful medical practice that is respected and valued by the community.


Establishing a winning position in the marketplace is obviously critical to your company’s success.

Executive perks that are not properly reported to the IRS can land both you and your company in hot water.