Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Commercial Real Estate Accounting

Maxwell Locke & Ritter’s considerable experience working with real estate businesses and investors, as well as contractors and construction companies, has supplied us with a unique understanding of your business needs.

We know how to best allocate and track expenses related to hard costs like equipment, hazardous material abatement, workers, and more. We’re also professionals with soft costs, like consultants and the planning stages of your project.

We provide accounting and tax services for traditional construction companies and property owners. We also provide tax planning for property developers, including electrical, flooring, and other building contractors.

With our commercial real estate accounting services, whether you’re developing a property for a future sale, own a property for rental income, or working on a unique project, we can help with your Construction in Progress accounts, Work in Progress accounts, equity accounts, short- and long-term debt, and more.

It doesn’t matter if you have one property or several, accurate accounting in real estate is essential. Solid, clear accounting habits mean increased profit flow, better financial decision-making, and improved asset management.

From quarterly estimates to financial audits, Maxwell Locke & Ritter is your professional solution for your real estate accounting needs. Our experienced team cares deeply about your business and wants to keep it running smoothly.

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