Our Culture

We care for our people

A Fresh Take on Public Accounting

A Deeper Dive into Life at ML&R

From the beginning, Maxwell Locke & Ritter’s founders — Earl Maxwell, Tom Locke and Mark Ritter — were determined to establish a new kind of CPA firm. Knowing there was a way to practice public accounting that increased employee satisfaction, they focused on founding a unique company culture, where people looked forward to spending their time in the workplace.

This set the stage for our culture today, one that is focused on helping employees reach their potential, while providing exceptional service to clients and the community.

Our firm’s culture creates an exceptionally low turnover rate, which means clients consistently receive experienced advice, and that our employees draw from each others’ experience to work strongly as a team. Our culture is in the best interest of both our people and our clients.

Our Vision

To be a great place to work, where we empower our people to reach their potential, provide exceptional service to our clients, and actively support the community.

Our Business

We are trusted advisors whose proven expertise and relationships uniquely qualify us to find solutions and add value to our clients as their strategic partner.


To help our people and clients achieve their goals


Collectively working toward common goals as one firm

Encourage a culture of open and transparent communication and feedback

Creating an environment where people are motivated by empowerment

Serving our clients with the highest regard for competency, compassion and care

Honoring our commitments to our people, clients, and community

Being inclusive and treating everyone with honesty, dignity, and respect

No success at work is worth failure at home

My ML&R Moment

“I knew I made the right decision in joining ML&R after my first firmwide social. Those first few weeks had been filled with opportunities to get to know professionals of all levels at the firm, but during this time I got to meet so many people and really see how everyone enjoyed being a part of this culture and community regardless of the point they were in their careers. As an intern, I not only felt welcomed, but I felt like my skills were valued and I would get help developing my career goals.”

Brytin Staab, Audit Intern

“In November, I was working 50+ hours a week, often until 11 p.m. One night my son asked me, ‘Mommy you’re working again?’ and in that moment, I knew I had to make a change. I was working like it was a normal busy season in November and taking time away from him. I wanted to be somewhere that provided me the work-life balance that I desperately needed. ML&R has a reputation of providing that to its people. I knew ML&R would be able to give me my time back so I could spend more time with my kids.”

Mayela Limas, Tax Associate

“When I was researching the firm, I came across the firm’s motto, ‘No success at work is worth a failure at home.’ Many companies preach work-life balance, but few make it one of their core values. Through speaking with employees during my interview process, I could tell that this motto is instilled in each and every employee. It was so refreshing to know that ML&R truly cares about its employees on both a professional and personal level.”

Garrison Clark, Audit Associate

Nicole Owens, Tax Associate

“I knew I wanted to work at ML&R after my first interview. This feeling was reconfirmed with every new employee that I met during the interview process. I could tell from our brief conversations that every person I spoke with genuinely enjoyed their job and felt that ML&R was invested in both their professional and personal success. It became clear that work-life balance isn’t just a talking point here, but a fundamental part of what makes this firm so successful. I’m excited to be a part of that!”

Nicole Owens, Tax Associate


We are dedicated to providing a workplace that promotes the health of our employees.  Our Wellness Team provides opportunities for employees to participate together in programs that improve their overall activity-levels, nutrition and mindfulness. Our programs include resources for new moms, discounted and free gym memberships, small group personal training classes, in-house yoga and various monthly activity challenges, outings and speakers.

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