ML&R Wealth Management Provides Sound Portfolio Management for Institutions and Nonprofits

wealth management advisorsOur affiliate, ML&R Wealth Management, provides investment advisory and management services to institutions and nonprofits in Central Texas.  These services help their clients develop specific investment strategies for different types of funds such as endowments, scholarships, board-restricted funds, capital funds, charitable gifts, and operating funds.

As a client of ML&R Wealth Management, your advisors get to know you and your organization, working closely with your executive director and staff, as well as the board of directors. The main goal is to ensure that your portfolio is managed in accordance with your organizational objectives, including socially responsible and sustainable investment funds, as desired. They also provide fiduciary training for board members so that they understand their role in investment decisions and oversight.

Vanessa McElwrath, CPA, CFP®, a wealth management advisor for ML&R Wealth Management, focuses on providing investment advisory and management services to nonprofit organizations.  “We understand the challenges that nonprofit institutions face,” says McElwrath.  “We believe that matching an organization’s mission to their long-term goals helps board members and trustees create legacies for their organizations.”

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