Manufacturing workers least engaged of all employees


Manufacturing and production workers are the least engaged in their jobs of employees in any profession, according to recent findings by the Gallup organization.

manufacturing worker

Only one-fourth of manufacturing employees are engaged – fully involved and enthusiastic – in their jobs.

Another one in four manufacturing employees is actively disengaged, the study found. The other 50 percent are “not engaged” in their work.

A disturbing statistic considering it has been found that engaged employees are 43 percent more productive than less enthusiastic employees.

Gallup speculated in its report that the possible reason for the lower levels of engagement among manufacturing workers is that traditional management mentality tends to put processes ahead of people.

Training management to remember that people are more important and more complex than the machinery they operate is a first step to improving engagement, the report said.

Gallup Consulting said engaging employees requires a year-round focus on changing behaviors, processes and systems. There is no one-size-fits-all, and engagement takes time, the organization warned. Even the best managers rarely see immediate returns on their engagement efforts.

Managers should evaluate whether they’re making the most of each employee’s individual qualities. The best managers, the report said, recognize and understand the implications for the workplace of understanding the fundamental differences among employees, the report said.

Some significant strides have been made since Gallup last surveyed employee engagement levels in 2009. The level of involvement of manufacturing workers has improved significantly since then, when only 18 percent reported being engaged in their work.

Managers, executives and officials recorded the highest levels of engagement in the Gallup study at 36 percent, followed by professional workers in a variety of fields at 30+ percent.