ML&R Wealth Management

Throughout the years, Maxwell Locke & Ritter has taken a proactive approach when addressing client needs. In 1997, we established ML&R Wealth Management, creating the opportunity to offer independent advisory services to individuals, trusts, nonprofits, and retirement investment plans. If you are seeking a trusted wealth management firm in the Austin or Round Rock area, the advisors at ML&R Wealth Management would be pleased to offer you a free consultation.

Fee-Only Advisor Focused on Your Goals

As a fee­-only advisor, the ML&R Wealth Management firm’s approach to managing wealth and investments holistically. They develop the best investment plan for you by taking the time to understand your goals and removing conflicts of interest, such as commissions and product sales. Fees are transparent, easy to understand, and based solely on the value of investments managed.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Maxwell Locke & Ritter, ML&R Wealth Management services seamlessly integrate with services at Maxwell Locke & Ritter, offering a one-­stop solution for your financial needs at our Round Rock or Austin locations. ML&R Wealth Management focuses on managing your wealth with the following services.

Specific Focuses

  • Personal Wealth Management
  • Women & Financial Freedom
  • Corporate Retirement & 401k Plans
  • Institutions & Nonprofits

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What is a Fiduciary and why is it important?

Some might be surprised to learn that not all “financial advisors” are required to place the interests of their clients ahead of their own. Many firms are tied to a broker-dealer which is only required to make recommendations that are suitable for the client. Whereas, Registered Investment Advisors are fiduciaries and are legally obligated to make recommendations that are in the best interest of their client. In fact, a distinguishing difference is that a broker-dealer’s primary duty is to their employer, not their clients. The best way to start your search for a Fiduciary is to work with RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors). They are required to register with the SEC and have a fiduciary duty to their clients. You can learn more about the “Five Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor Before You Hire Them” here.

What are the ways in which an advisor can be paid, and which is in your best interest?

An advisor can be paid through commissions or be Fee-Only. When you work with a Fiduciary, you are working with an advisor that is Fee-Only. This means that they are paid an hourly rate or a flat fee (percentage of the assets under management). They do not sell any commission based products and therefore remove potential conflicts of interest.

What is comprehensive financial planning?

Comprehensive financial planning involves reviewing your current financial picture, setting goals, and then building out an investment portfolio to help facilitate those goals. The various components involve estate planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, tax planning, college planning, and more. It is important to understand that a comprehensive financial plan evolves and changes over time and should be revisited annually or when any big life event occurs.

What is an investment philosophy?

It is a set of beliefs and principles that guide an investor’s decision-making process. It is important to develop your personal investment philosophy so that when the time comes to work with a Financial Advisor, you find the right fit. You can find out more about “Defining Your Personal Investment Philosophy” here.

What services does ML&R Wealth Management provide?

ML&R Wealth Management serves individuals, families, business owners, and nonprofit organizations with personalized investment management services. They work to bring order, direction and confidence to your financial future through a well thought out wealth management plan. Their services include comprehensive financial planning and investment management for individuals, designing and maintaining tailored retirement plans for businesses, and sound investment management for institutional portfolios.