What Does Work-Life Balance Mean to You?

In addition to our world-class client service, we’re known for our exceptional work-life balance and flexibility, but what does work-life balance really mean? Since none of us have the same responsibilities, interests or workload, work-life balance looks different for each of us. For some, it means being present with their families. For many, it means cranking the work out during the week to keep their weekends free. For others, it means a 5:00 p.m. workout class each day. For all of us, it means unplugging and enjoying life to the fullest by doing what we love with the ones we love the most.

We provide our employees the freedom to schedule their work around their personal commitments, whether that’s parent-teacher conferences, dance classes, doctor’s appointments, dinner parties, home deliveries or runs on the Butler Trail.

One of our core values sums it up best: “No success at work is worth failure at home”, whatever “home” may be.

But don’t take our word for it. See what our employees say about their work-life balance and how ML&R makes it possible. Explore opportunities to increase your own freedom and flexibility on our careers page.

Sarah Carter, tax: “Work-life balance means that you can spend time with your family in the mornings and evenings and completely shut down from work. It means that you can take vacations and not feel tied to your desk. ML&R allows us the flexibility to work from home when we need to, but also does not require us to use our time at home to get work done.”

Maxwell Locke & Ritter - What does work life balance mean to you by Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter

Taja Williams, audit: “Work-life balance means not having to take my work home unless I choose to do that. ML&R is very flexible and accommodating to my personal needs. I love that I can work around daily time challenges and still get my work done effectively.”

Steve Harvey, wealth management: “Working hard, but having time for family. Being present at both.”

Maxwell Locke & Ritter - Steve Harvey enjoying family time

Steve Harvey

Laura Willard, tax: “Work-life balance looks like being trusted to get my work done whenever and wherever I need.  It looks like long workdays in busy season so my weekends are spent with my family. I could not do this job anywhere else.”

Brandon Bernstrom, audit: “The ability to maintain healthy relationships and pursue personal goals, while still attaining success in my career. ML&R encourages its people to never sacrifice their personal lives for the job.”

Maxwell Locke & Ritter - Work life balance of Brandon Bernstrom

Brandon Bernstrom

Sean Holcomb, tax: “Trusting each other to get the job done and having the flexibility to meet our outside-of-work commitments at the same time.”

Jill Lewis, support: “Being able to spend time with my daughter and fur baby, taking time off to work on myself and my personal goals. I have this one life to live and the ML&R flexible schedule allows me to focus on the things that are important to me.”

Maxwell Locke & Ritter - Jill Lewis Enjoying Work Life Balance

Jill Lewis

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