The Intern Diaries: Josh Ordemann

Name: Joshua Ordemann

University: The University of Texas at Austin

Graduation Date: May 2020

Maxwell Locke & Ritter - Josh Ordemann after Graduation

Why did you choose to do an internship at Maxwell Locke & Ritter?

I was concerned that work-life balance and a quality professional experience were mutually exclusive in the accounting industry, but my career advisor at UT thought ML&R’s spring tax internship program might align with my interests. After browsing through ML&R’s website and reading Glassdoor reviews, I loved what I saw and applied for an internship that very evening. The rest is history!

What types of projects have you worked on and what have you learned during your internship?

I’ve prepared a wide array of tax returns and tax estimates, accumulating significant technical knowledge along the way. I’ve also learned to work from home in a disciplined way, which was a huge adjustment. Thankfully, ML&R was well positioned for the pandemic and even taught the interns to do tax returns virtually. ML&R’s resources are fantastic, and I’ve enjoyed diving into the tax law changes these last few months.

Maxwell Locke & Ritter - Josh Ordemann Sitting with Friends

What kinds of feedback have you received throughout your internship?

I’ve received constructive criticism that was honest and fair and really helped me be more mindful and disciplined with my work. As a result, I’m more productive and confident.

What have you enjoyed most about Maxwell Locke & Ritter?

The people are fantastic and so helpful.  Everyone maintains a collaborative mentality that motivates me to be more efficient because the faster I perform my tasks, the sooner I can help someone else. I wish we could work together in the office so I could get to know more people, but I’m grateful for the virtual events that have given me the chance to meet people across the firm.

What has been most valuable about your internship?

The range of tax issues has made work much more stimulating. Seeing the process from beginning to end has been great for my professional development. I’ve loved the opportunity to say “yes” to projects that are interesting to me. Because it always results in the best learning experiences, I know I’m going to say “yes” to more.

Are there any ML&R members who have had a special impact on your internship?

My mentor, Blaine, has been awesome through the unique work-from-home experience.  Whether for software issues or career questions, he’s been available and helpful. We have regular check-ins; it’s great to catch up and talk about how things are going.

Maxwell Locke Ritter - Intern Diaries Josh Ordemann

What do you think future interns can do to prepare for their internship?

Skim through the Wolters Kluwer tax handbook on individual, trust, and estate returns and study tax forms to get a head start on understanding the software at a deeper level.

What are your long-term career goals and what’s up next for you?

I’m joining a mid-cap CPA firm in January 2021, but until then I’ll work with MLR and study for the CPA exam. Long-term, I’m interested in financial planning and related tax work. As long as I can balance that pursuit with my family and social life, I’ll continue down that path.

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