The Intern Diaries: Alex Barbosa

Name: Alex Barbosa

University: Villanova University

Graduation Date: Summer 2021

Why did you choose to do an internship at Maxwell Locke & Ritter?

I chose an internship with Maxwell Locke & Ritter because of the location, the team I would work with and the development of technical skills for my career.

Maxwell Locke & Ritter - Intern Diaries Alex Barbosa

What types of projects have you worked on and what have you learned during your internship?

I’ve primarily worked on tech company merger and acquisition deals with our private equity clients. Projects are typically focused around building a client deliverable detailing cash flow, financial statement observations and management addbacks/decisions based on the company’s business operations. I’ve learned technical accounting skills concerning target companies’ income statements, payroll and detailed transaction reports. Plenty of hot keys and shortcuts in Excel as well.

What kinds of feedback have you received throughout your internship?

I’ve received detailed technical skill feedback in addition to some great soft skill advice. My attitude and work ethic have been highlighted in review processes along with areas of improvement such as increasing my responsibility on the team.


Maxwell Locke & Ritter - Alex Barbosa at 30 Wall Street

What have you enjoyed most about Maxwell Locke & Ritter?

By far, I’ve enjoyed the people the most. You never really know the culture of a place until you experience the day-to-day interactions with your team. Here at ML&R, it is likely everyone on your team is not only a fine worker, but a great person as well.

What has been most valuable about your internship?

My relationship with skilled professionals and observations of how they work have been the most valuable experiences. I loved seeing how people think and operate at the top level.

Are there any ML&R members who have had a special impact on your internship?

My mentor, Lei Duan, my fellow interns and my whole due diligence team have made a special and lasting impact on me. I greatly appreciate all the help and teachings I have received during my internship.

Maxweel Locke & Ritter - Alex Barbosa Playing Frisbee

What do you think future interns can do to prepare for their internship?

As an intern, the best preparation advice I could give is to polish yourself as an individual as much as possible. If you want to learn technical skills, make sure your soft skills are very polished so that you can progress to the hands-on material. If you want advanced work beyond other interns, be ready and willing to offer help on any task, earn trust with smaller assignments so that you can work your way to higher responsibilities. If you want to impress, you can make a great impression with your ability to learn or increasing the efficiency of a project with your Excel skills, for example. The beauty of all the notes I have listed is that they are within everyone’s capabilities and don’t require talent.

What are your long-term career goals and what’s up next for you?

Up next is starting my graduate classes at Villanova University and studying for my CPA exam. My long-term career goals include working towards becoming a CFO for a company and building stronger relationships with my family and friends.

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