Life at ML&R

Many aspects of life at Maxwell Locke & Ritter set us apart as both an employer and as a client service provider, but our greatest differentiator is our experienced hire model.


Learn more about the team of experienced professionals who make the magic happen at the largest locally-owned accounting firm in Austin.

In addition to our world-class client service, we’re known for our exceptional work-life balance and flexibility, but what does work-life balance really mean? Since none of us have the same responsibilities, interests or workload, work-life balance looks different for each of us.


We encourage you to create a playlist of these tried and true tunes (aka the “ML&R Busy Season Playlist”) for optimal productivity and stress relief.* If you’re interested in improving your work-life balance as an industry professional, please visit our careers page.


We have much to be grateful for here at Maxwell Locke & Ritter. For those less familiar with our firm, our founders believed we should focus on three tenets: our people, our clients and our community. Each year, we reflect on the previous twelve months to assess how well we’ve served those pillars. Last year was another memorable chapter in our firm’s 29-year story. Not only did we survive the largest tax reform in 30 years (and my first year as leading partner), but our people, our clients and our community have continued to flourish.

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