No Success at Work is Worth Failure at Home: Kim Matus

At our firmwide meetings, we take turns sharing how our firm’s values have impacted our lives, especially in regard to our mantra “No Success at Work is Worth Failure at Home.” Many share stories about how the firm supports being a more present parent. My story is a bit different than most because I don’t have young children anymore.

Maxwell Locke Ritter Kim Matus

In the 40 years I’ve been in the professional workforce, I’ve never had an employer with a philosophy similar to ML&R’s. Prior to joining ML&R Wealth Management, I spent several years working 70 hours a week at a very large company which left me exhausted every day – too tired to do anything with my teenage children, too stressed to have a meaningful conversation with my rock of a husband, and too worn out to look for another job.

I was eventually so burned out that I moved on without knowing my next opportunity. My professional dreams finally came true in January 2016 when I found an opportunity at ML&R Wealth Management.

I learned the true meaning of “No Success at Work is Worth Failure at Home” in August 2017 when my loving father became very ill with devastating dementia, violent hallucinations, and aggression towards others – especially my wonderful mother. He required constant care. My dad’s illness deteriorated to the point that my mother couldn’t care for him alone and no facility would accept him as a resident.

My parents moved in with my brother, who lives in Round Rock. Because my brother and his wife are self-employed, their home was the best solution. However, I wanted to be involved with Dad’s care and provide relief to my mom, brother, and sister-in-law. My partners at ML&R were 100% supportive. They let me work from our Round Rock office or my home and take as much time as I needed to care for my parents. Dad’s illness lasted nearly three months before it finally took his life. Even after all the support I’d already been provided, my partners told me to take as much bereavement time as I needed to help my mom and even helped pay for my large family’s meal after my father’s service.

In addition to supporting my family through an incredibly difficult time, the firm provides generous PTO that we’re encouraged to use to refresh and spend quality time with our families and friends.  My son, Levi, lives on the east coast of Canada and we’ve visited him, his wife and our two grandchildren twice a year. Being so far away from our son and his family is very difficult and these visits mean the world to us. I’ve watched my daughter, Katie, compete in numerous horse shows, which is one of my favorite ways to spend time with her. My son, Joe, and his wife live in Cedar Park and although they’re not far away, my team doesn’t mind when I take time during the workday to have lunch with him, since everyday life keeps us from seeing each other often.

I absolutely love ML&R and ML&R Wealth Management! I truly believe there is no better employer and I’ll remain loyal to the firm as long as I am able to work.

ML&R Kim Matus

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