You Do the Creative Work, We’ll Provide the Financial Accounting Services

Maxwell Locke & Ritter offers a wide scope of entertainment financial services catered specifically to those who are in the film, television, music, and publishing industries. Creative artists often have specialized entertainment accounting needs, including taking advantage of film tax incentives, tracking payments from film studios, funding from producers, and even managing sales.

Film production tax incentives, in particular, cover a wide range of options. Tax credits vary by state and cash rebates are a slightly more simple version of the credits. Grants, sales tax and lodging exemptions, no-fee locations, and more also make up this intricate piece of entertainment financial services.

Work with us to ensure your publishing or production company is adhering to laws, aligning with internal budgeting, and more. Maxwell Locke & Ritter has the expertise you need to help you manage your finances and assist you with any accounting, wealth management, or auditing questions you may have.

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