What’s It Like to Interview with Maxwell Locke & Ritter?

If you’ve found yourself wondering how to land a job at the “#1 Best Mid-Sized Accounting Firm to Work for” in the nation, today’s your lucky day. We’re breaking it down into six easy steps and giving you some insight on what the candidate experience is like.

  1. Get the experience – for our traditional audit and tax roles, we typically hire CPAs with four or more years of experience. Learn more about our hiring model here.
  2. Apply directly on our careers page.
  3. Assuming experience requirements are met, enjoy a low-key introductory chat with one or two members of our team.
  4. If both parties see potential for a good fit, meet with several additional team members (a mix of partners and peers). In addition to discussing your technical experience, you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about our culture and what life is really like at Maxwell Locke & Ritter.
  5. Secure the offer. We do our absolute best to notify all our candidates, whether they’re getting an offer or not, on how we plan to proceed in an exceptionally timely manner. If you do receive an offer, you can rest assured that the offer will be customized to your personal experience and value add.
  6. Accept the offer and become a member of The ML&R Family. We can’t wait to welcome you in!

See what our most recent round of new hires had to say about the recruitment and interview process at ML&R.


What did you like most about the ML&R recruitment process?

Everyone was so personable, welcoming and happy to answer all my questions. – Rachel Smith, tax

Every single person I met loved their job. They were very open about their experience with the firm. The culture of the company and how the firm cares about their people really showed through. – Valerie Tran, audit

The consistent messaging that “we work together as a team.” It sounded very sincere. – Margaret Schwanke, tax

Honestly, this was the best interview/recruitment process I had in my job search. Especially navigating the remote environment – I think it was done very well. – Mackenzie Walker, audit

Everyone was friendly, easily approachable, and there was lots of information given so I knew exactly what to expect. – Kathryn Martz, audit


What did you like most about the ML&R interview process?

I felt very comfortable during the interview process and the tour of the office afterward really sealed the deal. – Rachel Smith, tax

Everyone was very nice and provided relevant information that was helpful in my decision-making process. I also liked the chance to talk with peer-level employees to get a better sense of day-to-day life at the firm. – Tyler Gilbertson, audit

The process was very organized, and I appreciated having a clear schedule in advance. Everyone was very genuine and answered my questions thoroughly. It felt like a good back-and-forth conversation. – Jennifer Begley, tax

Clear communication and flexibility throughout the whole process. I also appreciated the panel interview set up, rather than a bunch of individual conversations. – Mackenzie Walker, audit

I felt welcome from the moment I walked into the office. It was amazing to get a tour of the office and background on the culture before I even began the interview. It was like the firm was trying to convince me to work there instead of me convincing the firm to hire me. – Becky Frank, tax

I really liked interviewing with 8 different people from the firm. It really helped me see a diverse slice of the culture. – Will Cummings, tax


What led you to ultimately choose to accept the offer at Maxwell Locke & Ritter?

I connected with the people at ML&R, and I could tell the firm genuinely cares about its people. I didn’t want to join a public accounting firm that would run me into the ground. ML&R provided the type of culture and work-life balance I was seeking. It just felt right. – Jennifer Begley, tax

I liked the personal feel of the company. I was very impressed when the partners asked how they can help me achieve my personal goals. I haven’t been asked that before in my career. – Valerie Tran, audit

I was very much on the fence about my other offer until my virtual interview. After getting to speak with so many people and really enjoying everyone I had interacted with, I knew that ML&R was the right firm for me. – Will Cummings, tax

The combination of culture, clients, and community was ultimately the deciding factor. Having a strong reputation locally and receiving national recognition was also a plus. – Tyler Gilbertson, audit

I had been hearing great things about ML&R for years and knew a lot of folks that worked there. The interview process confirmed that it is truly a great firm. I chose to accept my offer because MLR really cares about its people and the firm’s values line up with my own. – Kathryn Martz, audit

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