Residents of some states more stressed than others


Two of five American feel a lot of stress, particularly those living in West Virginia, Rhode Island and Kentucky.

Business man with happy face and sad face

Residents of Hawaii, however, have the lowest stress levels in the United States, by a substantial amount.

That’s according to recent Gallup interviews with more than 350,000 people nationwide as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

Asked if they experienced stress yesterday, more than 40 percent of respondents said “yes,” a similar number as past years.

Fewer people reported feeling stressed in the following states. (Hawaii ranked first for the past five years, and was the only state in the top five for five years.):

Hawaii 32.1%
Louisiana 37.6
Mississippi 37.9
Iowa 38.1
Wyoming 38.6

Hawaii also ranked highest when residents were asked if they experienced enjoyment yesterday. The national average for Americans was 84.9 percent.

Hawaii 89.7%
Wyoming 88.8
Utah 88.7
North Dakota 87.9
Idaho 87.3

At the other end of the scale, residents of West Virginia, Rhode Island and Kentucky ranked among the highest stressed, as well as the lowest in term of enjoying life.

More people reported feeling stressed in these states:

West Virginia 47.1%
Rhode Island 46.3
Kentucky 44.8
Utah 44.6
Massachusetts 43.4

Fewer people felt enjoyment in the following states:

Rhode Island 80.4%
Kentucky 81.3
Kentucky 44.8
Utah 44.6
Massachusetts 43.4

Interestingly, although residents of Utah are among the highest stressed, they are also among those who felt enjoyment more often.