New study shows concerns with healthcare software


One in six healthcare professionals is considering switching from their electronic health record platforms this year because the software isn’t meeting the needs of the practice, according to a new survey.

doctor at computer

The affordability of cloud computing services available through some vendors is also persuading some physicians to consider a change. And 75 percent who want to replace their systems want integration with mobile device platforms.

Nearly 17,000 physicians, clinicians and other healthcare professionals were surveyed by the marketing research firm Black Book Rankings.

The 17 percent of respondents looking to make a change said problems with their current software included system features, implementation, deliverables and client support. The survey also found that one-size-fits-all platforms have not met the needs of specialists.

Doctors look for document management, scanning and storage, electronic prescribing, order management, implementation support, system costs and alerts, the survey found. Doctors also want better integration with practice management and revenue cycle management software.

About 20 percent of those who would like to switch will have to delay making a change because of cost considerations, and 8 percent said they won’t be able to afford a change.

Most professionals blame themselves for not selecting the correct software – 79 percent said their practice did not adequately assess their needs before making their selection.