More employees dissatisfied with jobs – but bosses don’t know it

Employee loyalty is on the decline at American companies, but management doesn’t seem to be aware of it, according to the results of a new study.

Employees’ satisfaction with their jobs has declined since 2008 while employers have been dealing with the recession.

Today, a full one-quarter of workers hope to be working somewhere else within the next year, the results show of MetLife’s 11th Annual Employee Benefits Trends study of nearly 3,000 employers and workers.

But the study found that managers seem oblivious to the high turnover that could be coming their way during the next year or two. Employer perception of employee loyalty remained steady.

Asked about factors important to loyalty, 61 percent of employees said having benefits that meet their individual needs would increase loyalty.

Of the 40 percent of employees interviewed who strongly recommend their company as “a great place to work,” more than half of those say benefits are one of the main reasons they choose to stay with the company.

Flexibility in benefits is also very important to employees, with more than half saying they are willing to pay more to have access to such benefits.