Healthcare hiring on upswing


The hiring of part-time and temporary employees in healthcare fields is growing at a rapid rate as the country emerges from the recession, and many jobs in the medical field today are in evolving technologies.

young medical worker at computer

More than half of healthcare employers plan to increase hiring of temporary and part-time employees in the near future, according to the latest national survey by CareerBuilder and

The hiring of full-time employees will also increase but not at the level of temporary and part-time workers, which is expected to experience a 15 percent increase over the previous year.

The good news is, many employers plan to transition temporary and part-time employees into full-time positions in the months ahead as employers gain confidence in the recovering economy, the report said. More than two-thirds of the hiring will be in large metropolitan areas.

In addition to hiring health-specific positions, healthcare employers are hiring for technology positions in the growing area of making patient records, treatment information and other medical data available across varying networks and facilities, the survey found.

In the technology area, the following percentage of healthcare employers plan to hire in these fields:

  • Health informatics – 31 percent
  • Cloud technology – 10 percent
  • Social media – 7 percent
  • Big data – 7 percent
  • Mobile technology – 6 percent
  • Financial regulation – 6 percent