Demand for skilled healthcare workers climbs in 2013


With thousands of members of the Baby Boom generation reaching retirement age each day, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that healthcare will be one of the hottest career fields in 2013.

healthcare workers

Nearly one in four healthcare employers has a position open that it can’t find qualified talent to fill, according to CareerBuilder’s 2013 U.S. Job Forecast. The job site surveyed 2,600 hiring managers and 3,900 workers across several industries.

More employers are planning to add full-time permanent employees in 2013 (22 percent), and 36 percent plan to hire temporary and contract healthcare workers.

The demand for high-skilled labor continues to be growing faster than the supply of applicants. More than one-third of employers are taking matters into their own hands and will do their own training of temporary or current employees.

Another aspect of the heightened competition for skilled healthcare workers is that some employers are trying to recruit from other organizations.

One in five healthcare workers reported that they have been approached to work for another employer within the last year.

As the demand for qualified workers increases, three of four healthcare employers say they will increase compensation for their employees (up 65 percent from last year), and half say they will offer higher starting salaries for new employees.

Healthcare employers also say they plan to increase such employee incentives as flexible scheduling, employee recognition and others that are important to their employees.